Throughout my Bryan family research, I have heard of or seen references to slaves owned by the Bryan family. From family letters, it appeared that the Bryans were a kind, loving, and close-knit family. They were hard workers, active in the Methodist church, and proponents of education. The Bryan family plantation was void of columns and southern charm. Found in the book Louisiana Plantation Homes, Colonial and Antebellum by W. Darrell Overdyke, the Bryan plantation home was a two room dogtrot log cabin. I had hoped that the Bryans were benevolent slave owners, but have learned that not all were caring and compassionate. To the descendants of persons enslaved by the Bryan family, I hope that you will share your research and stories.

I have created this blog as I cannot imagine researching families without the possibility of birth dates and last names. The first names and birth dates were found in a transcription of a bible once owned by the Reddick Bryan family. Additional names were found in Reddick Bryan’s probate record and in deed records. I have added anecdotal information based on census records.

I begin this blog with records of 43 enslaved persons. These persons will be listed in possible family groups. Most records cited were found in Northwest Louisiana where my Bryan family settled in 1838. I will add to this blog as more information becomes available. On the 1840 census, Reddick Bryan reported owning eight slaves indicating that the majority of the slaves that he owned at his death in 1864 were acquired or born in Louisiana.

About Me

My interest in genealogy coincided with the advent of AOL’s flat-rate monthly service of $19.95 in the late 1990s.  My mother, from the New York City area, and my father, from the small town of Borger, Texas, were both interested in family history and asked me to look for their families on my new Internet. I was hooked when I found both families connected in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

I live in Virginia with a wonderful husband who actually listens to many of my genealogy ramblings.  I have two grown children who have spent a few of their childhood vacation days in cemeteries or libraries.  Genealogy, my favorite pastime, is significantly different from my professional career. I am a speech – language pathologist at a local school system where I work in the assistive technology department.

I maintain family history web pages at Rootsweb’s Freepages where you will find information and photographs about my family. Click here to visit my genealogy pages.  Facebook Groups for my Quinn, Murray, Bryan, and Giddens families are currently closed groups and require invitations.  Contact me if you would like to be a member.

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